EVS Ambulance Seats

Made for EMS

About EVS Europe Ltd.

We are European based suppliers of specialist ambulance seats and automotive seating solutions.

We are located in Braintree in Essex and supply specialist seats designed to be fitted to vehicles such as ambulances and minibuses.

We specialise in the supply of ambulance seats and attendant seats that incorporate a child seat within the attendant seat itself, enabling children to be safely and securely transported within an ambulance or minibus, without the need to carry separate child or booster seats on board the vehicle.

Supplying the NHS since 1995

EVS seats have been in use by NHS ambulance services throughout the UK since 1995.

The first seats that entered into service were the 1850 attendant seats that incorporate a tested child seat within the seat. Since then we have introduced other innovations including flip-seats and swivel mounted seats.

We supply seats throughout the UK, mainland Europe and worldwide.

All the staff at EVS have over fifteen years experience in supplying specialist equipment to Ambulance Services and the NHS. Please contact us and we will be pleased to offer any further information on our range of products or quotations.

Seamless Upholstery

Our seats have seamless upholstery which eliminates stitching areas that can harbour germs and viruses even after cleaning. Seamless upholstery helps prevent cross-infection by eliminating blood and water borne pathogens.

Anti-Microbial Upholstery

In addition to being seamless, the vinyls used in our seats have anti-microbial properties to further help prevent germs breeding on seating surfaces. EVS use anti-bacterial vinyl rather than just coating regular vinyl, as this ensures that the seat is always anti-bacterial and removes the risk of the coating being scratched off or simply wearing off over time.

For New Vehicles or Retro-Fit

We are pleased to supply the seats as OEM equipment to ambulance and specialist vehicle manufacturers and also direct to fleet operators, NHS Ambulance Services or indeed single vehicle operators for retro-fitment to existing vehicles.

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