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What does "Seamless" Seating Surfaces actually mean?

EVS use a vacuum-forming process which eliminates the need for stitching the seating surface.

Normal automotive seating surfaces utilise stitching to make the seat cover fit. However stitching areas are where disease can breed and therefore spread from person to person.

With today's focus on preventing the spread of  infection from person to person via contaminated surfaces, there has been increased focus on preventing the spread of disease both in hospitals and in rolling treatment areas such as ambulances.

The elimination of stitching areas where disease can breed is vital in reducing the risk of cross infection.

EVS seamless seats provide a solution to this problem by eliminating stitching areas where microbes can breed.

Is the Anti-bacterial Vinyl just ordinary vinyl with a coating?

No. The actual vinyls themselves used in EVS seats are anti-microbial to minimise the spread of disease and are not simply ordinary vinyl coated with an anti-bacterial spray.

The vinyl itself contains anti-microbial properties.

This means that there is no danger of the coating wearing off over time and the seats losing their anti-bacterial properties.

Are EVS Seats Tested?

Yes. The various models of seats have undergone both static and dynamic testing depending on the application in which they are to be used. Please contact us for details depending on the seat model and application.

This includes both American (such as FMVSS 207, 210, 213, 208 and GSA) and European standards such as M1, M2 and ECE R44 and EN1789 (CEN).

Can EVS seats be retro fitted to my vehicle?

Yes. We have supplied many seats to ambulance operators wishing to upgrade their vehicles.

We supply many ambulance builders with seats for new-build vehicles, but the seats can be supplied with mounts for retro fitment into existing fleets. The seats are available in a variety of standard and special order colours.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a quotation.


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