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New 1860 Child/Flip Seat Released:

To address the issue where there is a need for the facility to carry a child in a van conversion, EVS have released the new 1860 Flip seat incorporating an integrated child seat. 

By definition space is more limited in a van conversion (or Type II) ambulance than a modular. There is not usually enough room in a van conversion for the standard rearward facing 1850 child/attendant seat  to fit between the bulkhead and stretcher.

EVS have therefore introduced a "flip up" version of the child/attendant seat to address this issue. The first customer for these seats was North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust and the 1860 seats are now successfully in use in their newest vehicles. 

The 1860 is available on a fixed centre mounted pedestal, (and is pictured above left on a side mounted swivel base)


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